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Marshmallow Imouto Succubus

Little Sister Marshmallow Succubus - Marshmallow, Imouto, Succubus - ましゅまろ★いもうと★さっきゅばす★ - 마시마로★여동생★서큐버스 - ましゅまろいもうとさっきゅばす

Based on the erotic game by Dwarfsoft.

Work introduction

Introducing the first work of the new circle “DWARF SOFT”!

The main character, Kasuke Tsukikawa, who has a father of a folklore and is also familiar with folklore, has a strange dream one night.
It’s a dream that my innocent younger sister, Saki Tsukikawa, crawls at night. My sister looked into her eyes with a nasty look that was different from usual,
I slid my brother’s pants down on the bed, entwined my fingers around Ji Po, and squeezed with a smooth hand,
It’s a dream that you pinch it with your plump lips, suck it up, taste the ejaculation that makes you squirm, and drink up the semen.
The next morning, my sister was as usual, and finally last night was a dream, with a reassuring freshness ── dream.

Yes, that was a dream, and Kasuke, who desperately thought so, reveals to his father, who returned home for the first time in a long time.
Incubus ── Succubus dwells in Saki. No, Saki’s true nature, the original appearance, is an incubus.
A father who secretly reveals facts that Saki himself does not know to Keisuke.
While doing this, Saki’s nature is gradually being revealed, and there is a day when Succubus’s nature cannot be suppressed.
The night when the succubus’s personality comes out because he wants to ingest a man’s semen and becomes unbearable comes depending on the age of the moon!
Do you love the unfussy natural fluffy Saki, or do you love the innocent little devil lewd Saki?
An older brother who is loved by Saki ── In other words, which Saki / Saki will you choose?

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