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Jitaku Keibiin 2

自宅警備員2 - Home Guard 2 - Home Guard 2: A Haibara Household Kin - Jitaku Keibiin 2: Haibara-ke no Ketsuzoku - 자택 경비원 2 -하이바라가의 혈족- 自宅警備員2 -灰原家の血族-

Director “Yokoyama Hiromi” and Studio Suzuki Mirano announced the second part of “Jitaku Keibiin”, which is based on the eponymous visual novel from the Studio “Beel ze bub”. Hentai will be released in March 2020. “House guard” never ends! The new main character is plotting, blackmailing and spying on three sexy girls-AI-Chan, maid Shieri and cutie Koshu. …

The man’s name is “Haibara Hikimori”. A dark cloud hangs in his life as a home guard who has been protecting his mansion, his birthplace for many years.
My aunt’s Shiho Haibara and her daughter and cousin Reina
A week later, when Rena’s wedding ceremony took place, the inheritance right of the mansion was given to them.
To keep the mansion in its hands, the guard uses various voyeur machines to explore the weaknesses of his cousin, Rena.
Tight soft skin wrapped in a business suit.
If you take off your suit, the richly-grown milk will appear.
Midnight’s own room, Rena who writhes alone.
Disturb the labia without any impurities.
What is the hidden identity of flesh that she usually shows?
White and expressionless death mask. The eyes of a lewd beast (Manako) peeking from underneath, licking the defenseless foolery of women through the surveillance camera.

Guarding his home for many years he has been consistent in his duty. However many new sluts end up in his home and are threatening to take his inheritance.

Armed with cameras and willpower he commits to blackmailing them so he can have his way with them and take back that which is his.

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